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    Recent numbers I am a little sad. Not sad in a 'down' kind of way, but sad in the way that there are probably very, very few people who choose to spend their time reading the JNLR's (radio's listenership bible) line by line. But I do. That's my kind of (happy) sad. And why? Well the numbers are...
    13 de julio de 2017
    RTE plan lacks ambition RTE’s DG, Dee Forbes, is looking to raise the TV license fee from €160 to €175 a year, to bring in another €15 million. She argues that every other utility has seen a price rise over the last decade while the license fee has remained static. But there’s a problem....
  • The Media Group

    Ireland's go-to media group for trusted business advice, connections and more for almost twenty years.

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    Nobody knows more about the changes in media than the team at The Media Group.

    Yes, we’re great with traditional media but today we are expert in social media too.

    We also do something all others don’t. We’re big on business development for our clients. We find and engage in clever ways with new prospects, worldwide, on behalf of our clients. There is no aspect of communications in which we are not expert.



    PR & Social Media

    The Media Group provides clients with traditional PR and communications advice. But we also handle the social media requirements of those clients, including writing blogs and running their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

    Public Affairs

    Public Affairs work carried out by The Media Group was cited in an Irish Times editorial as ‘a great example of public consultation done well’.

    Business & Competitive Intelligence

    We’re particularly strong on business intelligence and business development. Our contacts run deep and wide. We find and act on key information for our clients that helps them develop their businesses.

    Media Training & Crisis Management

    We have probably the best media training programme in the country. We can prepare anyone for any media event, including crisis management, in just a few hours. Our training is based on actual knowledge because each of our consultants has had decades long experience with media.


    We also coordinate events for our clients. Our founder, Conall O Móráin, is one of the best-known event host and MC in Ireland

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    All our directors and associates each have decades of experience across all aspects of media. We offer due diligence support and we don’t hire interns or office juniors. We only have senior, mature, consultants who understand your business from the very start.

    We are trusted filters. Credibility is everything in the attention economy. Our team have served at the very highest levels in media, government and business. With The Media Group there is no learning curve.

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    The Media Group was founded by former stockbroker Conall O Móráin in 2001 to work with Goldman Sachs and others major international investors on communications around a very significant M&A transaction they were involved in. Conall was formerly Business Correspondent with the State broadcaster RTE and has presented the nationwide Sunday Business Show on Today FM for over the past decade.


    Terry MacManus is a co-director of The Media Group. Terry has extensive M&A experience, firstly in South Africa and then back in his native Ireland. He was one of the promoters behind the Athlone Voice newspaper founded and subsequently sold by The Media Group. Terry is an expert on local media.


    Former Irish Internet Association chair, Maeve Kneafsey, is an advisor on online marketing and strategy at The Media Group. Maeve is one of Ireland’s best known names in the online sector.

    We draw on trusted associates as required. We currently have joint ventures with two events driven companies and two communications experts, one of whom is one of the most respected communications adviser to government in the country.


    We’re not coy. In fact, we’re the opposite. But confidentiality is of paramount importance to us and our clients. We don’t reveal our clients’ names, suffice to say we work with government departments, semi-state bodies, public and private companies, industry bodies and with private individuals.
    Integrity is an essential trait for us and we work only with ethical businesses and/or bodies.

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    As well as working on behalf of clients with preferred firms in London we are also following tech clients to Silicon Valley, California, working primarily around business development, helping with business intelligence, finding potential investors and business opportunities for our clients.

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    It’s getting harder for businesses to influence others, for business purposes, as traditional media continues its decline. The standard press release is almost now a thing of the past. The Media Group has developed an unrivalled track record in writing engaging B2B content for use on clients’ websites, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

    But The Media Group goes one step beyond. Our team have all been in business, as owners or significant shareholders, for decades. We understand reconnaissance; how to find, make contact and influence potential business prospects for our clients, worldwide.

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